Worrying Things That Happened When I Was Drunk

As I have been trying to get clean and stay clean I thought it would be a good idea to revisit some unfortunate things that happened when I’ve been drinking so I have a list to think about next time I want to nail myself.  As you will see these things range from mildly annoying to very concerning.

  • I overspent with internet shopping
  • With the internet shopping I bought strange things I would likely never wear
  • I posted strange things on social media
  • I missed derby practice because I was too drunk to drive (and skate, obviously)
  • I had broken sleep
  • I cut and burned myself while cooking drunk
  • Pea went out once when I had been drinking and returned to find me unconscious at the bottom of the back steps. We don’t know if I fell and hit my head or what.
  • I withdrew from my savings account to pay for all the alcohol I was drinking
  • I missed out of family events because I was passed out drunk
  • I couldn’t enjoy other family events because I was hungover
  • I threw up in the bedroom
  • Throwing up on myself. Vomit laundry is no fun
  • I blacked out and couldn’t remember the night before
  • I missed work due to broken sleep from drinking
  • I gained weight
  • I was more likely to crave and eat junk food when drunk (see weight gain above)
  • I also ate badly when hungover
  • A blood test revealed abnormalities in my liver enzymes

These are just some things for me to think about, and hopefully I can do better.