All About That Oxymoron

So this…

‘Cos every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.

Unless you have a small booty.


Look, words are not chemical reactions. A body shaming statement followed by a body positive one does not cancel out the shameful one. Even body positivity is present in higher concentrations.

If we, as larger women, can’t express positive self image without telling ‘skinny bitches’ that they can’t twerk with us, clearly our self image needs work.

Why is it so hard to create an empowering body confidence anthem for big women without alienating smaller ones?

Gah…no, don’t answer that, I know why. It makes me sad.

It makes me sadder that I probably will be dancing to this song next Friday. In public.

And trying to recreate all of her outfits. Even the one that looks like a green figure skating dress.

And looking for tutorials for that make-up and hair on Youtube.

Because damn, every inch of Meaghan Trainor is perfect from the bottom to the top. I just wish she could believe it.