Update: Turns out you can be both depressed and concussed

If you recall, about three weeks ago I had an unfortunate altercation with a Frisbee on a morning run.

I was wondering if the abnormally low mood even by my standards that resulted was in fact a concussion symptom, or purely coincidental.  Not that it was overly serious but still, it bugged me.

Last week during a routine visit to my GP I casually mentioned what I had been speculating and she confirmed that depression after a concussion is, in fact, a thing.

Welp.  There you go.

A fairly insidious lesser known concussion symptom, depression can apparently appear even in patients with no prior history with mental illness.  Something to keep in mind if it happens to you, I guess.



2 thoughts on “Update: Turns out you can be both depressed and concussed

  1. It’s actually fairly common for someone to have depression after a TBI. In a way, your brain is dealing with the physical injury while at the same time you can get depressed from a change in activity, life, etc. It doesn’t matter how severe the TBI, it can still happen.

    Hang in there.

    • I feel like I had heard it before…I should have seen it coming argh. At least I’m prepared for when it happens again. I am a clumsy fool, it will happen again.

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