Bipolar Disorder Feature On Australian Story

This week the ABC’s Australian Story did a feature on the Newling family’s journey with two out of three children diagnosed with serious mood disorders, with two very different outcomes

Watch it here:

Or read the article on the younger brother Nic here

This feature provides an insight into the way kids with mood disorders are treated in the Australian system; Nic had access to more help than most but getting the right diagnosis is still so difficult.  Like me and so many other teens with bipolar they persisted with a depression diagnosis and feeding us anti depressant drugs that that just make us worse.

Getting a timely diagnosis for bipolar is difficult at any age but it’s so important because generally the longer we go without treatment the harder it is to control.

This story does have a happy ending for Nic and I feel so much more motivated just for having watched it.

I hope you all get something positive from this



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