What I’m Into This Week

Listening to: Blank space


When this song first came out my impression was distinctly ‘meh.’

The tune didn’t pull me in, but a few months in I’m listening to it on repeat because I actually listened to the lyrics and realised this song is about me.

Like, here I’ll show you:

Oh my god, look at that face, you look like my next mistake – me

I can make the bad boys good for a weekend – me.

Got a long list of ex-lovers, they’ll tell you I’m insane

‘cos you know I love the players, and you love the game – me.

Cos darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream – much me, much wow.

I’m doing some fairly intense therapy at the moment so I’m loving playing introspective songs on repeat and crying.  Even though Taylor denies the song was intended that way at all – she claims to have written it as a reaction to the person that the media are making her out to be.  Apparently the media are making her out to be me.  I’m so sorry Taylor.  That is awful.


Watching: Girls season 3.


Girls is a show I have mixed feelings about.  It was a show that appealed to me because the main character and I have laughably huge amount of things in common, we even look alike.  Most of the things she does and says I can see myself doing and saying, and yes I realise that doesn’t reflect well on me.  Then again the show’s appeal isn’t great on paper.  I kept watching season 3 for continuity’s sake but I put it off for a while.  Yet when I started, I couldn’t stop.

Are the characters supposed to sound that ridiculous, or is the acting just that bad?  Is Lena Dunham confused about the direction this show is taking or actually brilliant?  I believe it’s marketed as a kind of dark comedy but I end up laughing at parts where I’m not sure if you’re supposed to laugh.  Some of the characters are so unappealing that I cringe whenever they’re on screen (ugh, Shoshanna.)

I’m going to go with Dunham being clever about the apparent confusion of the show because the more confused I get the more I’m compelled to watch.  There’s so many much better blogs out there deconstructing Girls, but I’m probably coming back for season four and I’m not even sure why.  Awww hell.


Youtubing – DBZ abridged episode 46.



I’ve mentioned Team Four Star before, the youtubers behind the Dragonball Z abridged series which I believe is a must-watch for fans of the show.  And even if you’re not a fan, if you’ve ever watched an episode you could definitely appreciate why abridging is necessary.  The series is so much more watchable with 20 minutes of ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH compressed into 20 seconds.

Even you’re not a dedicated watcher of DBZ this is one of the best abridged series out there, tied with LittleKuriboh’s Yu-gi-oh!  Abridged series in my opinion.  (incidentially LittleKuriboh is one of the voice contributors to Team Four Star.)  They’re always funny but the latest episode is the first in a long time that had me laughing out loud all the way through.


Obsessed with:  Being angry at everything

Yeah, we already knew that.

The ward has been a tense place over Christmas, with staff being short and all therapists being forced on leave.  While my meds were being messed with my tolerance to life in general went down the toilet and every single human interaction caused me irritation.  Now the wards have opened up and with my anxiolytic drugs being increased I find my tolerance increasing.   Funny that.


Reading:  Mockingjay


Ugh, this book is really hard to get through.  Surely it’s not just me?

For a final showdown type instalment not a whole lot happens really.  Maybe it’s because my brain is all over the place at the moment but the story just isn’t engaging me at all.  Katniss’s detachment from her surroundings has been a frustration for me throughout the series but this is taken to the extreme in Mockingjay.  Heck for most of the action she isn’t even there.  The narrative is only partially relayed back to her later.

Like, what happened to Peeta and Johanna when they were being held by the Capitol?  Yes it’s talked about but only over a few cursory paragraphs.  We’re never even told how exactly rescuing them went down except that it was too easy. And while Peeta takes a while to recover, Haymitch, Johanna and Finnick are mentioned to be struggling with PTSD like symptoms then when we see them they’re pretty much as they were in Catching Fire.

So many potentially interesting plot points are just never explored.  I’m going to finish it though, I can’t help myself with books.  I can’t make an exit halfway through no matter how hopeless it looks.

Hopefully the movie will improve this one for me.